Sunday, April 15, 2012

Damien Fairchild & All The Girls

Damien Fairchild isn't really an artist, in fact he's not even really a person. True fact, he's actually the imaginative creation of a guy named Drew. As the story goes, Damien was created in the process of Drew putting together his new record. See, after hitting a brick wall Damien came into being and allowed Drew to write songs through a process similar to a method actor taking on a role. With a new source of inspiration and a bit of motivation For All The Girls was born.

Featuring fourteen versions of the classic Julio Eglesias & Willie Nelson song it's an amazing feat of musical prowess. I kid. What For All The Girls really is, is a record of shuffly, nearly twee indie pop that just happens to be named after a bevy of young ladies. What For All The Girls ends up sounding like is not cheesy Easy Listening but a Of Montreal album dedicated to all the girls Damien may or may not have loved before. Confusing as this all may be, For All The Girls is actually an awesome album of heartbreakingly cool indie pop. Guitars jangle, melodies soar, songs become syrupy and sappy and the songs are simply fantastic.

Whether it's Damien or Drew or any of the girls named on this record For All The Girls is a lovelorn indie pop treat. The songs are fey, shuffly, and just a joy to listen to. This may be written from a third person point of view but it works and works well. Long live Damien Fairchild and all those who sail within him.

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