Monday, April 30, 2012

Pitchblen Stand Up

Coming on like a funky freight train let off the rails, Pitchblen's latest EP, Stand Up, is a floor filler of epic proportions. Sounding like an 80's-like radio monster rooted in The Whispers or Kool and the Gang and then brought bang up to date through house influences and remixes by Tiger & Woods, Runaway there's really nothing this record can't do.  Funky guitars lead the way for the falsetto vocals, horns, and steady beats that when combined make one funky discotastic beast of a tune. 

"Stand Up," and its flip "Keep Giving Me Love," are so incredibly catchy that they put Smallpox to shame.  The tunes are as solid as a rock and Pitchblen has constructed them so airtight that nothing can escape their grip.  The two remixes included on this EP are equally as amazing.  Tiger & Woods houses the tune up a bit and brings in a bit of electro influence to give the song a bit more modern feel.  It's just as much of a monster as the original and the Runaway remix is no different.  Runaway, however, makes things a bit more atmospheric, chilled out and leaves the song sounding like a funky dubbed out cloud hopper. 

Stand Up will have you doing just that and then it'll have you flailing around the dance floor.  Funky jams don't get much better than this whether it's in the 80's or today and that’s why Pitchblen are awesome at what they do.

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