Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Crushed Stars Are In The Bright Rain

It's a good thing that as I write this review of Crushed Stars I'm fully awake because if I wasn't I'd swear that it was a continuation of a dream. Their album In The Bright Rain is a mystical ethereal album that lingers somewhere around old Felt records, Mojave 3 outtakes, and an Ambien fueled vacation. This is the sound of the subconscious come to life and it's a rather nice listen.

With a minimalist approach and barely there guitars, vocals, drums, and just about everything else Crushed Stars' songs are as wispy and delicate. This is a lazy and lackadaisical record that's the aural equivalent of a lazy river trip into to slumberland. It's beautiful stuff that is atmospheric, hushed, and almost too shy to be heard but that's what makes it work. Put it this way, if In The Bright Rain was any louder it would lose its innocence and it's tenderness and quite frankly wouldn't sound right.

Crushed Stars are as fragile as a butterfly and as good as Felt at their best. The gentle strums, the strung out vocals, the ambient textures it all comes together to lull you into a warm place where dreams run free and your heart breaks ever so gently. In The Bright Rain is a great quiet pop masterpiece and one of the most achingly beautiful things we've heard in a while.

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