Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Caseworker Send Letters From The Coast

Straight out of the offices of the Social Welfare department comes a band of roving musicians who love to take their work home with them every day. Ladies and gentlemen say hello to The Caseworker! With a workload the size of Texas and the songs to match, this band of dream poppers unleash sedated tunes that sound like the rough edges of Spiritualized stuck in a perpetual loop of, Sonic Youth's "Teenage Riot."

Truth be told and in all actuality, The Caseworker do not work for Social Welfare but their musical workload is pretty epic and you can hear fragments of it on their new album Letters From The Coast. A wondrous record of hazy, drawn out delights The Caseworker enjoys drawing riffs, sounds, and waves of noise out forever. The result of all this is a lackadaisical, tripped out record that's as expansive as it is pastoral. Letters From The Coast is a blissed out atmospheric work of post-shoegazing that's a resounding success.

With a sound that almost resembles overwhelming exhaustion and songs that are half asleep The Caseworker might not actually be one but they almost sound as if they should/could be. No one around at this moment so effortlessly combines American noise with British gazing than these guys. As a result, Letters From The Coast is a sonic mirage that you'll never want to stop hearing or keep a file on.

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