Monday, April 23, 2012

Now Now Gaze At The Heavens

If Wave Sleep Wave were like waking up from a bad dream (see above) then listening to Now Now is like waking up from a good dream that you kind of want to go back to. Their album Threads is a post-shoegazey indie pop daydream come true. It's upbeat, sunshiny, and glistens in the sun. It might be made of threads, but those threads are gold and when spun together, as they are here, the result is a tightly knit lovely record of dream pop bliss.

With softly sighed vocals, jangly guitars, distorted riffs, and pedal driven songs led by gently played drums and subtle bass lines, Now Now weave an illusion of charming songs with a spring in their step. It's all very luminous, airy, and light on its feet and even finds a way to include a bit of xylophone in its songs. Threads is an adorable record whose songs you'll want to hug and make your own. They're swirly and seductive and with enough sighing to last a lifetime they are almost too easy to fall for.

Threads is an example of the next generation of shoegazers at its best. Sure you can spot the influences a mile away, but the songs are solid, catchy, and so well written it's almost required that you like them. Thoroughly modern but with a vintage twist, Threads is one record that looks forward while looking back and does a great job of doing both. Now Now might not be lost in the moment but they are lost in the haze and the fog of your best dreams and one suspects that's the best place for them.

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