Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Standing Shadows Are Everlasting

Remember good old fashioned Alt-rock? You know...kind of heavy, slightly metallic sounding rock and roll that was just different enough not to fall into metal but a bit too heavy to fall into alternative? Well somewhere smack dab in the middle of that quandary is where Standing Shadows reside. Their album The Silent Revolution is like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup...it got its metal in my indie rock and the results are tasty.

With loads of guitar bombast, dark matter, odd time signatures, swirling melodies, and a whole host of other things that shouldn't really mix together The Silent Revolution is a fantastic mix of darkness and light that shouldn't work but really does. Standing Shadows excel at creating songs that are just heavy enough to rock the heck out of you but just off kilter enough to keep things interesting. This is the way rock and roll should be; loud, primal, and out of the ordinary. The Silent Revolution is packed to the gills with lackadaisical vocals, atmospheric guitars, and hazy hooks and it all envelopes you in a blanket of sound that you'll want cover up with. If you can imagine Muse if they were slightly more depressed than out there you kind of have an idea of where Standing Shadows are coming from.

The Silent Revolution is a chunky but diverse record that takes the best of both worlds and mixes them together with great results. This is the way moodiness should sound and feel; loud and choppy but ultimately easy to latch on to. Standing Shadows are a great band that has perfected this blend and come up with something that's like the best bad day you've ever had. With a set this strong it's easy to see why Standing Shadows Are Everlasting.

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