Sunday, April 15, 2012

Furyon's Gravitas

Ever wondered what someone like Alice In Chains would sound like if they had a bit more oomph with the, "Man In The Box?" It's a question that has apparently plagued the minds of Furyon for ages; so much so they've done something about it. This rapidly rising British band has recorded an album that sounds like Jerry Cantrell armed to the teeth with a wall of guitarists behind him. Their record, Gravitas, is a weighty album indeed and it's easy to see why these guys have shot to the top of the British metal scene.

With incredibly powerful riffage, hooks the size of continental Europe, and songs that bash their way into your subconscious Furyon are clearly firing on all cylinders and the songs on Gravitas reflect this. Stupendously heavy with tons of doomy elements thrown in for fun Gravitas churns itself into a frenzy. This is a poundingly brutal record that's overflowing with chunky riffs, god guitar solos, drum playing that shatters skins and vocals that wail away in the best possible manner.

While Furyon are undoubtedly commercially viable, Gravitas is heavy enough to keep anyone who loves a good thrashing happy. This is the sound of a perfect storm destroying your stereo and it's awesome. Post-grunge metal doesn't get much better than this and Furyon clearly has the chops to make it all happen. If you like it churned out slowly and heavily bashed Gravitas will bury you with the weight of itself.

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