Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jenny Owen Youngs Is An Unwavering Band Of Light

Jenny Owen Youngs is a singer/songwriter, Jenny Owen Youngs does not write singer/songwriter songs, she rocks too hard for that. Her album An Unwavering Band of Light is an obvious indication of where Jenny is coming from and why her songs are out of the ordinary. Utilizing a whole host of instrumentation, sounds, and melodies An Unwavering Band of Light is a great little rock and roll record buried underneath a pre-determined stereotype.

An Unwavering Band of Light is a good record because it shatters the notion of what a girl with a guitar can do. This isn't a moany, boring, acoustic record, rather it's a kick a little butt record with enough rocking riffs to make you sit up and notice. When you throw in Jenny Owen Young's fantastic voice and her keen pop sensibility you're left with a record that channels its inner rocker through spectacular original songs that are as quirky as they are good. Jenny Owen Youngs brings so much more to the table than your average songwriter and her ability to take the loads of ideas running around her head and put them into original sounding songs is commendable.

She might be lumped in with the singer/songwriters of the world but Jenny Own Youngs is a rather good artist. Her album, An Unwavering Band of Light has it all and it doesn't waver from offering something more. It's an entertaining record that made my ears perk up and won me over. An Unwavering Band of Light is something worth spending time with and my guess is that's all Jenny Owens Young wants.

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