Monday, April 30, 2012

Poor Moon Casts An Illusion

Poor Moon is Christian Wargo from Fleet Foxes, Casey Wescott from Fleet Foxes, and brothers Ian and Peter Murray from The Christmas Cards.  Together they've come together under the name of Christian Wargo's favorite Canned Heat song and created the Illusion EP.  With a sound residing somewhere between their day jobs and day bands, the Shins, and dusty plain states they lilt their way across the record in style.  It's all very nice mellow moody countrified pop that shuffles along ever so quietly and barely raises its voice.

Illusion is a shy, intimate record that brings back memories of lost Simon & Garfunkel recordings, rainy spring days, and hearts being broken.  Whether it's acoustic or electric, this is a delicate little record whose songs seem destined to shatter into pieces.  It's that fragility and that tender beauty that makes these somewhat folky songs so charming.   Despite my dislike for all things folk, there's just something about this record that pulls my heartstrings and makes me like it...maybe it's an Illusion but they’ve won me over.  

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