Sunday, April 15, 2012

Brothertiger's Golden Years

If you were to look up luxurious lush synth pop in the Websters Dictionary of Pop Music (if it existed) next to that phrase would be a picture of Brothertiger. This one man outfit handcrafts chilled out pop music that's like a vacation in aural form. Upbeat and hovering around the slow motion disco just like a cat, Brothertiger is sly and seductive and his album Golden Years sounds like the perfect soundtrack to an impending retirement.

With synths washing over synths, vocals whispering into your ear, and laid back beats gently moving things forward this is the sound of a thousand sunsets rolled into ten songs. Golden Years is a ridiculously good record and seems so not bothered by its environment you can't help but just sway along with it. This is the sound of a utopian world where the word stress is unknown and only pleasure is exists. Opulent and exuberant in the most relaxed of ways Golden Years never ceases to cool down and chill out.

Dreamy and ethereal Brothertiger's Golden Years is an ode to doing nothing. It's hushed tones, seductive swathes of sound, and slow hypnotizing songs succeed on every level. This is a beautiful and catchy record that proves one man can do it all and do it well. Brothertiger has knocked it out of the ball park here on a really slow curveball. If you've ever wanted a taste of the good life Golden Years is a perfect sampler for what could be.

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