Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Burning Hearts Are Not Extinct

With a sound that harks back to Elizabeth Frasier and a name that harks back to post hardcore, Burning Hearts are one confusing little band. Their album Extinctions makes things even more confusing because it's not a reflection at all of what the album is about. Confused? My guess is they might just want you to be as you listen to their swirly, ethereal, post-gazing pop.

Extinctions is an absolutely gorgeous record that wafts in like a breeze, floats on by, and disappears back into the ether without raising a finger. The sounds that Burning Hearts create are calming, gauzy, and shimmery and hark back to something the Cocteau Twins, Slowdive or even The Sundays may have done in the early nineties. Extinctions is a strummy and meandering record that's seemingly lost in its own dream and doesn't want to wake up. It's a glistening, shiny, sparkly dream that you'll not want to leave and because Burning Hearts so easily write songs that linger on for ages, you might not be able to.

With all kinds of confusion at play here, Burning Hearts plays tricks with your sensibility and mind and eventually have their way with your ears. That's ok, because it's worth it as Extinctions is a gem of a record. With fragile and ethereal songs and a sense of vulnerability Burning Hearts will either lull you into a hypnotic trance or make you weep openly. Grab a box of issues, slow your breathing down and just float away with Extinctions until the very end.

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