Monday, April 23, 2012

The Starving Weirdoes Are Looking For Land Lines

Quite possibly one of the best band names to come across my desk in the last month or so, Starving Weirdoes are not what you think they are. Sure they are weird but rather than playing into the stereotypes and being something like a three chord punk band this band of gypsies create ambient soundcapes in which to crave food in. Their album Land Lines is a series of atmospheric pieces that drift along aimlessly, haunt your ears and give you bad dreams.

Eerie, unearthly, and indeed strange Land Lines is a sparse, minimalistic recording that seems to go on forever and ever. Its airy washes of sounds, odd dribbles of vocals, and occasional wafts of actual instrumentation allow the record to spread itself far and wide across the horizon. The Starving Weirdoes as a result try their darndest to fill in every nook and cranny with some sort of sound whether it be a swath of synth or a plinked sitar it's all hear mixed together and floating through your brain. This is epic stuff that doesn't know when to stop and with the average song lasting over six minutes it appears as though The Weirdoes don't know how to stop themselves.

The Starving Weirdoes have created an expansive and mind numbing record that's stupendously good. Land Lines is an ethereal, washed out kaleidoscope of detached voices, wandering synths, and stray ideas left to roam eternity in ambient bliss. What more could you want from a band of starving musicians?

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