Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Balconies Keep A Kill Count

The Balconies are easily one of Canada's best kept secrets. How they've not crossed the border and not made themselves at home in the US blogosphere is beyond me. For no other band around right now fuses post-grunge, rock and roll, indie pop and that Canadian sense of songwriting like these guys. Their latest record Kill Count is a stunning slice of indie rock that's a rollercoaster of musical fun.

Combining distortion, jangly guitars, grrrl-ish vocals, and a strong sense of what makes a pop song pop The Balconies tap into their inner 90's child and create songs that rock hard, jangle freely, and latch on to anything that moves around them. The group is so in touch with that era of music that had Kill Count been released in 1993 they would have been on Sub Pop and sold a bajillion records. This record reminds me of old Throwing Muses stuff smashed together with Babes in Toyland and then given just enough polish to appeal to everyone. This record rocks and rocks hard. Riffs churn, drums bash, and vocals swirl in a frenzy of noisy pop and post grunge goodness.

When you come from Canada the phrase Power Trio is part of your DNA and The Balconies prove that. For just three members The Balconies kick some serious bootay and you can hear it come through on just about every song on Kill Count. From the jumpy and jittery, title track to the more jangly moments on, "Black Cat," the Balconies clearly know how to write a killer hook and aren't afraid to throw them out there. Kill Count is a great record that takes the best of the 90's and kicks it back to today.

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