Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Lanskies Invade Britain

The Lanskies are not what you think. They're not what anyone thinks. This French band sounds about as French as fish and chips. What they do sound like is something remarkably British. In fact they are so British you'd swear the band were secretly Normans coming to reconquer ol' Blighty. Their latest single, Romeo is such an homage to what The Futureheads or XTC sound like that it might actually just be them in disguise.

Romeo is an angular, jagged, power pop record that's jumpy, nervous, and just witty enough to make things interesting. The songs here are catchy and so energetic that they might just cause uncontrollable spasms if you're not careful. Guitars slice in and out, drums pound and push, and the vocals sound like they came straight from, "A to B," onto this record. Romeo is an awesome four song slab of staggered pop music that takes the best of British pop over the last five or six years and pastes it over every song present.

The Lanskies might actually be French, but I challenge you to find one ounce of Chanson on this record. This is purely British pop and it makes one wonder if the Anglo-Saxons haven't invaded the continent using a clever disguise. Whether Normans or Anglo-Saxons the music still kicks butt and Romeo is a record well worth your attention. Now if they can just crank out an album it'd be like 1066 all over again.

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