Monday, April 30, 2012

Ducky And The Whether

Ducky aka Morgan Neiman, has a producer’s instinct and a powerful voice to go along with it.  Making music as much as possible and taking things down a darker path seems to be normal for Ducky as she's been doing it since she was 13.  Firmly in touch with her sinister side as well as her inner goth, Ducky creates darkly delicious, ethereal chilled out pop that's got a certain degree of frigidity and detachment about it. 

Her EP, The Whether is a downtempo, downtrodden, fragile work of beauty.  Taking chillwave and chilling it out one more step, Ducky crafts broken beats, strange samples, atmospherics and a sense of foreboding into something that's a stunning work of art.  Sounding as if the whole thing could break apart and end in tears Ducky creates this dingy, murky world where her songs hang on for dear life and come off like the Sneaker Pimps if they were more than, "Six Underground." 

All in all The Whether is a gorgeous, fragile thing of electronic music that's impossible to walk away from. Ducky has a seductive voice and the production talent to captivate an audience no matter how slow or depressing she makes her songs.  She's awesome at what she does and The Whether is a clear example of that. 

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