Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Safe Journey On River Seven

With model good looks and middle of the road songs, River Seven has established itself as one of Ontario's leading musical exports. Their self-titled album is a pop-rock record that quite snugly fits in the adult alternative category and makes itself comfortable there. With a jam band mentality, a jazzy vibe, and a little bit of pop River Seven creates music for the older adult.

River Seven sounds as if it could have been recorded by someone such as John Mayer or even Maroon 5. Its pop produced so close to perfection it's almost blinding. Radio ready with gargantuan hooks, and melodies pleasant enough for anyone to like River Seven is the sort of record that would please a mainstream audience that is looking for something with a little bit of an edge but not to outlandish. Truth be told, it's not bad for what it is. It's safe, unadventurous, and ridiculously tuneful...unfortunately it's not really my thing.

River Seven are undoubtedly great musicians but their songs are just so safe and so dull to my ears that I can't listen to it. This is music for people who like BMW's, who wear Tommy Bahama, who wear boat shoes and think they're cool...it's yuppie rock and I'm not old enough (or rich enough) to be part of the crowd. Sorry guys, but despite all the talent in the world it’s just not enough to hold my attention.

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