Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wirescan Head Off On A Vector

British synth pop purveyors Wirescan go about things the old fashioned way. Using S-VHS technology (ADAT??) and using as little processing as possible Wirescan take us back to when the sounds were pure and were true to the synthesis that was originally intended. While that's kind of odd for synthesizers to sound pure it's the honesty in the recording process that they strive for that sets them apart. Having just released an EP of classic instrumentals that go under the guise of Vector, Wirescan seem destined to go back to the future.

With songs that take retro-futurism to a new level Vector is like listening to classic 80's tunes on a Muzak station in space. It's cold calculated beats, mechanical synth washes, and robotic feel give the record an early wave-ish pop feel that's distant but still danceable; think Gary Numan if he were happy and you’re on the right track. Melodies hide behind beats and peek out when you least expect it and while the record may be instrumental Wirescan somehow make these melodies, harmonies, and songs linger on and on and on. While I really think Wirescan would benefit greatly from a vocalist, Vector is still a very good EP of clinically proven synth pop.

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