Monday, April 30, 2012

Josh & Mer Are Incredible

Sometimes you stumble across a band that just gets it.  They understand what they're doing and why they're doing it and they take so much pride in everything they do its impossible not to want to root for them.  Josh and Mer is one such band.  These guys take professionalism and up it a notch or two and make it their own.  From the packaging of their CD to the way that they mail it out it's all very impressive and personalized; it’s marketing genius.  How many bands do you know that not only autograph their disc but also tie it all together with twine, use stickers, put the disk in a little bag and write a letter to correspond with it all?  Very few to none that’s how many.  I'm sitting here blown away by these guys and I've not even listened to the record yet.

That being said, upon listening to these guys I can exclaim, “Holy dynamic duos Batman, Josh and Mer are fantastic.”  Their album Planet Music is a sunshiny, bright, and chipper indie pop treat that's so irresistibly adorable you'll want to hug it.  With more boy/girl melodies and harmonies to last a lifetime, Josh and Mer do everything in their power to make sure you'll like this record.  And believe me when I tell you, you'll like this record.  Taking the indie pop/twee/folk pop templates and customizing them all for their own use Josh and Mer make Planet Music just about perfect.  You can hear elements of folks like Mates of State but you can also hear some almost Harrisonian guitar work in their songs as well.  It's all very syrupy sweet, tender, slightly twee and ridiculously catchy.  Strummy guitars, gentle keyboards, brushed drums, sighs, smiles, and's all here.  Quite honestly, there's simply nothing the matter with this record. 

Josh and Mer have thought of it all and done such a good job at it that Planet Music is one of the best records of 2012.  From packaging to songs, they've got it all and this is one band that truly is the real deal.  They're professionals, they're poptastic, and Planet Music is just about perfect.  What more could you want from a band?

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