Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Creature Aren't Pretending

Canadian group Creature fills a gap currently left wide open by the absence of folks like Goldfrapp, Garbage and Curve. While they're not quite as overpowering as the aforementioned bands, they do channel that dark grooviness that makes each of those bands so good. Taking synthpop and making it feel dirty; Creature creates sensual, seductive pop music that lurks around the dance floor while keeping a keen eye on the big pop song. Their latest EP, No More Pretending is a glammy, slinky, pop treat whose hooks are so large that you can see them a mile away.

Working with the legendary Stephen Hague the band have taken their songs polished them to deadly perfection and placed six of them on this new wave/disco punk electronic battle weapon. The songs here are slick, exceptionally well played and so poptastic that if given half the chance they'd give the Billboard Top 40 a run for their money. From Lisa Ivvy's sensual sighs to the hi-gloss sheen of each chorus this is a superb record. If No More Pretending is any hint of how their sophomore album, Sick Imagination will be we are in for one heck of a treat.

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