Monday, April 30, 2012

Lindstrom Drinks Six Cups Of Rebel

Lindstrom's latest record, Six Cups of Rebel is a nice return to form for the legendary producer.  Taking in sweeping atmospherics, vast panoramas, carnivals, discos, loads of synths and Todd Rundgren the record is as strange and epic as something named Six Cups of Rebel should be.  Sprawling out over the course of each cup or rebel, the record oozes, rolls, and hops around in all kinds of crazy.  Taking space disco, exotica, and electronic music to a whole different place Lindstrom proves himself to be a creative genius throughout latest record.

Lindstrom takes his imagination to new realms on this EP and while this is undoubtedly dance music, how he arrives at it is what truly is fascinating,  From creating an ambient masterwork to making a thumpy, bubbly house tune Lindstrom leaves no stone unturned in his quest to find the perfect beat.  Six Cups of Rebel is like listening to six individual servings of electronic music and it's just enough to leave you confused but full and satisfied by its conclusion.  This is a guy that has no problem going out there and not returning as many of his songs are a happy medium between proper dance music and the avant garde end of the electronic spectrum.  I think it's that ability to chuck it all into the wind is what makes Lindstrom such a fun artist.  In the end, there's a certain degree of unpredictability here and that's what really makes Six Cups of Rebel so enjoyable.

Strange, slightly avant garde, and on the constant hunt for something different Lindstrom makes house music far outside of the norm.  With bizarre swirls, found sounds, unusual samples, and a strong desire to be out of the ordinary Six Cups of Rebel rebels against the norm and succeeds.  This is a gripping record because it takes the foundation of house music and gives it a concussion.  It turns the norms on their sides and lets his imagination run wild.  We're better off because of it and because Six Cups of Rebel pushes things forward albeit in a non-conventional matter.  It's nice to have Lindstrom back and here's hoping he's got a pipeline full of material as original as this...the dance music community could use it. 

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