Monday, April 30, 2012

Saturday Night Gym Club Is In Session

Ah chillwave...the 21st century hipster version of chill out.  Remember how yuppified and derided chill out had become? It was so clich√© that even your gran had a copy of Pure Moods.  Now thanks to groups like Saturday Night Gym Club the genre is once again cool.  Taking underground sounds, washes of synthesizers, stretched out haunted vocals, and a snail’s pace the genre lives on now more than ever but it's gotten its edge and cool back.  Saturday Night Gym Club's How To Build A Life Raft illustrates why over the course of it's six songs.

Sounding as if they were lost in a daydream, Saturday Night Gym Club create hazy, ethereal, washed out music that's downtempo but optimistic, lovelorn but bright, and very, very good.  How To Build A Life Raft is a brilliant excursion into the netherworld and it's opulent, translucent structure ebbs and flows over your consciousness and into your soul.  While most of the record is detached and seemingly just out of reach, there are moments of full on pop abandon.  "A Green Light," is a synth pop floor filler if there ever was one and while it sounds all warped and tripped out in a malfunctioning synthesizer kind of way, it's a monster of a tune. 

How To Build A Life Raft is a gorgeous celestial and nearly spiritual record.  On gossamer synths and angelic vocals Saturday Night Gym club has created the soundtrack to an aerobic workout in heaven. How To Build A Life Raft is an awesome record that moves, shimmers, and shakes in a slow but articulate manner.  I'm not sure if the band has anything in the pipeline in the near future but based on this record they should worry less about that life raft and concentrate on an album.   

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