Monday, April 23, 2012

Seven Thorns Return To The Past

There's metal and then there's METAL. Seven Thorns falls into the METAL category with a fist raised high and voice raised. Their album Return To The Past is a blast of classic power metal that shreds, squeals, and conquers all who oppose it. It, in a word, is amazing.

Return To The Past does exactly that, it takes the listener back to a time when bands like Helloween and Heathen roamed the earth. An age when Iron Maiden's influence was overwhelmingly heavy and the idea of playing a million miles an hour was still a novelty. Seven Thorns belt out instant classic after instant classic with harmonically brutal riffage, pounding drums and vocals that would make Bruce Dickinson green with envy. This is massively epic stuff that's so powerful, so upbeat, and so ridiculously catchy that just about every song on Return To The Past is unforgettable. Melodies bounce off another, godly guitar solos are traded back and forth, the vocals soar skyward to Valhalla, and the drums plough through everything. It's simply awesome and so well done that Seven Thorns should be huge.

Return To The Past is a perfect power metal album. Seven Thorns have so precisely pieced together and played this record that there's really nothing you can fault with it. The instrumentation is top notch, the songs are instantly memorable, and the blast from the past is more than welcomed. If you ever wore a denim vest over a denim jacket covered in buttons with a back patch...Seven Thorns are your new best friend. This is the sort of record you'll want to put a foot on a sound monitor and scream skyward with your fist raised...epic metal doesn't get much better than this and Seven Thorns can return to the past anytime they want...I'm coming along.

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