Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Far From Being Twerps

Far from being pests or even slightly annoying, Twerps makes me wonder where the heck people come up with ideas for band names. All questioning aside, it's a healthy dose of irony because Twerps are rather pleasant. Their self-titled album is a jangly bit of goodness that brings to mind classic Ozzy pop, Felt, and anyone who's ever been called fey.

With a jangle and a bit of shyness Twerps shuffle their way across their album almost as if they're too afraid to actually finish it. An overwhelming sense of tweeness permeates the feel of each and every song and the result is a set of songs that almost seem too introverted for their own good. That being said, the record is awesome. It's such a throwback to so many classic jangle pop records that it made my heart race. The geekiness and overwhelming sense of happy sadness just makes this record so cool it's impossible not to want to listen to it again.

With fragile guitar riffs, practically depressed vocals, and an impending sense of doom Twerps sing out of tune, whisper themselves into a good cry, and let their guitars string them along for eleven songs. It's magical stuff that's the best record from 1986 that’s been released this year. Out of place, out of sorts but nonetheless brilliant, Twerps have created a record that will appeal to anyone who ever thought that all the best indie pop bands came from the late 80's.

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