Monday, April 30, 2012

Awe Naturale Delivers Thee Satisfaction

Thee Satisfaction are an all girl group that's lost somewhere between hip hop, funk, and free jazz.  They're a creative, political, positive force that takes on stereotypes, clichés, and the glass ceiling head on without fear.  They are a truly unique group whose sound is as influenced by Blue Note Records as it is Tommy Boy and their album Awe Naturale is a challenging and different record that demands to be heard.

With a vintage feel, a jazzy sound, and a story like approach Thee Satisfaction tell songs as much as they sing them.   The girls do a good job alternating between rapping and storytelling as easily as turning a switch on and off.  Their dual attack utilizing both approaches gives Awe Naturale an added dimension and brings the often classic sounds of the record bang up to date.   It's a truly intriguing record and comes off as being so original that it sounds like nothing else out there in the R&B or hip hop community.

Awe Naturale
is just that, a natural free flowing expression from two of the most creative and original artists in Seattle.  They've got a unique approach, a fantastic handle on what makes a good song good, and one heck of a record.  If you like underground funk, soul, and or hip hop Thee Satisifaction bring them all to the table and shatter your pre-conceptions of them all.  Thee Satisfaction are the sound of the future and it's Awe Naturale.

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