Sunday, August 21, 2011

Damion Suomi Has A Drink On Us

In listening to Damion Suomi's self-titled album the first thing that popped in my head is a drunken night at a pub somewhere with pint glasses in hand, cheering along to every song hoping that the night will never end. The songs on his Damion Suomihave a sing along quality about that them that make me think of a cross between the likes of Dropick Murphys, Love Spit Love, and Social Distortion.

Damion Suomihas loads of songs that are gritty, funny, and emotionally tug at your heartstrings continually until you can just about hold it all in. It's a fantastic album because of the folksy, homey, and warm sounding songs, that are held together by an abrasive undercurrent that give them just a bit of tension. Damion's songs are drinking songs, fighting songs, romantic songs and they all hit you at different angles depending on your mood. "What A Wonderful Game," is a perfect example of how he writes folky songs that are slightly rude and anthemic that are brilliant and will have you yelling, "I love you maaaan."

Damion doesn't lob anything complicated at the listener here. Instead, he uses acoustic instruments to the height of their effectiveness and he strums his guitar as if his life or next beer depended on it. With the sounds of breaking bottles in the background Damion's gravelly voice drags you along from bar to bar and story to story and makes you raise a glass in honor of his struggles. It's a toast well deserved, because he's come up with one heck of "blues-folk," record that's just about the most rock n' roll thing you could hope to hear.

Damion Suomiis the best night out you can have without ever leaving your living room. Damion Suomi's tales of heartbreak, drunkenness, and despair are just about legendary and he's done an amazing job of funneling those stories into songs that hit their mark repeatedly.

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