Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bonnie Prince Billy Says Beware

The man, the myth, the legend that is Bonnie Prince Billy has returned once again with a new album entitled Beware. As per usual, Bonnie takes the rustic, countrified route into folk heaven and does a pretty decent job of getting there. No big changes then, but that shouldn't be a surprise because he is Bonnie Prince Billy after all.

Beware is a mellow pastoral stroll through the Bonnie Prince Billy songbook. It's packed to the gills with fiddle, pedal steel, and vocals that long for lost love somewhere else. Beware is a charming album that sounds like traditional country records did 50 years ago. In other words, Beware is dusty, dear, and downtrodden and is sound of heartbreak and soulsearching.

From the painfully titled, "You Can't Hear Me Now," to the the anguish of, "I Don't Belong to Anyone," Bonnie Prince Billy sounds as if he's had a bad time of it. In fact, Beware, seems to be chronicle of depression that unfortunately sounds bloody fantastic. Hopefully, one day Bonnie Prince Billy and his heart will belong to someone, but until that day arrives we can allow celebrate his pain especially if it sounds as good as it does on Beware.

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