Sunday, August 21, 2011

Monotonix Want You To Read Their Body Language!

The first thing you think of when you listen to Monotonix's album Body Language is whether or not these guys wear lots and lots of flannel.

Monotonix are one distorted, stoned out, crunchy rock and roll band so in love with Marshall stacks and fuzz pedals that you'd swear it's 1972 all over again. Body Language so rooted in Black Sabbath and post grunge rock and roll that you can almost see the plaids and power chords flying out of your speakers. This is one heavy crunchy album that sounds like Tad lost weight, joined Soundgarden, jammed on a couple of Black Sabbath covers and then recorded it all for posterity sake.

It's heavy metal for people afraid of heavy metal but it kicks some serious butt in all the best way. The fuzzed out bass lines and churning guitar riffs sound as if the band were caught in quicksand and took two weeks to get out. This is a band that bashes songs as opposed to playing them. It's heavy, it's kind of groovy, and rolls along like an M1 Abrahams tank, laying everything in its path to waste.

They don't make songs like, "Deadly Weapon," or "Summers and Autumns," any more because bands don't have the bravery required to play this loud and dangerous. Too many moussed up bands today would die trying to kick out the jams like Monotonix do on every song here.

Body Language is not for the faint of heart and anyone wearing a pacemaker should probably just stay away. This is brash, raw, untamed rock and roll and it is amazing stuff to just crank up to 11 and blow out your windows to. Who cares if they look like they're lumberjack serial murderers?

Monotonix are part of the Harvest of Hope fest in St. Augustine on March 6-8. I'd recommend seeing them as they might be the last band to you actually see as they're insane live show could cause quite the ruckus and throw the festival into chaos!

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