Saturday, August 20, 2011

Suckers Are Anything But

The latest and greatest band from Brooklyn is the merger between the sounds and aesthetics of three one-man bands playing together.  Pan, Quinn, and Austin came together only to realize that their multi-tasking musicality was missing something and that's when Brian Aiken showed up, filled the gap, and united them all.  With the band solidified the band gathered up steam and hit their stride recording this little EP simply known as Suckers.

Picked up by the ever impressive IAMSOUND label, the band is the latest group to meld just about everything they can find into some sort of pop that's melodic and alluring without sounding too New York.  Perhaps sounding a bit like MGMT meeting a gospel choir in the church of the Cold War Kids, Suckers is anything but suckers as they don't fall for being just another indie rock band.  Weaving a hypnotizing blend of orchestral pop that's lush, swirling, and slightly psychedelic the four songs that make up Suckers are a spacey affair that rejoices at the fact that pop music can be so much more than just guitars, drums, and vocals.

At just four songs, Suckers is a tempting invitation in to the world of this Brooklyn band.  An invitation that's hard to deny because of their dramatic ethereal pop that shoots for the stars and just about gets there.   This is a great band in the making and here's hoping that a debut album is behind this short tease of a record.

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