Saturday, August 20, 2011

Caught In Motion Are On the Edge Of A Dream

Not many bands can use a piano to their advantage nowadays in indie rock. Ok...sure there's Keane and Coldplay and maybe Ben Folds...but really that's about it. After hearing the debut long player, On The Edge Of A Dream, from Caught In Motion you might just have to add them to that small but exceptional list.

Caught In Motion, much like their contemporaries, make modern indie rock on a bit of a soft rock tip. On The Edge Of A Dream is intimate, chilled stuff that's rarely distorted and sounds about as unobtrusive as air. This is a wispy effort whose pianos and jangly guitars set the mood and guide the songs along a melodic highway that doesn't end.

Perhaps sounding a bit like Death Cab for Cutie at times and maybe a bit like the aforementioned Keane, Caught In Motion are sentimental, poignant, and emotional in all the best ways. In fact, much of On The Edge Of A Dream is like this, consisting of lyrics and songs that seem like stories yearning to be told. It's really quite nice stuff that kind of minds its own business quietly hoping to win you over and if you sit and listen to On The Edge Of A Dream it will.

It's perhaps their song, "Heros," that best illustrates what Caught In Motion are all about. The song is emotional and nostalgic while being incredibly intimate and personal; it's one heck of a three minute ride that might just bring you to tears.

On The Edge Of A Dream is a sweeping record that utilizes its instrumentation to capitalize on its emotional potential. That's something that their peers do exceptionally well and Caught In Motion are learning that one song at a time. For a young band, Caught In Motion have come up with a tenderly thrilling record with On The Edge Of A Dream. Nice job guys.

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