Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mr. Oizo's Lambs Anger

Mr. Oizo is more than just the furry yellow sock monkey like creature that's been lurking around dance music since the 90's. In all actuality, he's much more than just a gimmick, he's a man. Known as Quentin Dupieux, this Frenchman has been creating music for over fifteen years and has just released his latest record, Lambs Anger for the always impressive Ed Banger Records.

Sounding like a more modern update of what he originally sounded like way back when, Mr. Oizo sound as if he's taken the entire Ed Banger roster blended it, chopped it up, and mixed it up with some 90's techno and rave. It's crazy wild stuff that's as unpredictable as the weather and literally goes all over the place. Once second, the tunes are housey, the next they sound as if Justice took over the recording, and the whole time your feet and head can't coordinate their actions into something that's remotely organized.

That being said, Lambs Anger is a great record that comes in short bursts of sound. With many of the songs here under two and a half minutes, Mr. Oizo keeps things short, sweet, and to the point. For your average pop song that's brilliant but for electronic music it's just to short somethines. Truth be told, several of these short blasts would be unbelievable bangers if they were two or three minutes longer. In any case, Lambs Anger is still interesting enough to keep you guessing, but as a DJ I would love to have some of these tunes extended and then extended again.

From Italo to electro, to the insanely titled techno of "Bruce Willis Is Dead" and what sounds like Uffie dropping by on "Two Takes It,", Lambs Anger is a speedy blast of bangin electronics sure to keep your feet and turntable busy. Mr. Oizo, might be portrayed as a puppet in videos and ad campaigns, but as a producer he's capable of just about anything and Lambs Anger is a testament to that.

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