Sunday, August 21, 2011

My First Earthquake Comes Back For A Second

Upon listening to My First Earthquakes second album, Friction, the first thing you take away from it is that this is a band that still seems to be having far too much fun. This is a group that truly loves what they're doing and as a result it rubs off on their record. Packed with an abundance of incredibly infectious songs and overly energetic (in a twenty cups of coffee kind of way), My First Earthquake has pretty much defined itself as the sound of hyperactivity.

Friction is a bubbly upbeat indie-synth-pop record that's just a little bit too excited for its own good. This is a record with ADHD that barely has time to finish one song before it starts the next. It's got places to go and people to meet and no time to spare and with barely a slow tempo song in site Friction will leave you out of breath and worn out.

Friction is a kinetic record that never falls off course; just listen to "Enya Got Nothing," as an example. This blast of over excitedness pretty much sums up My First Earthquake in 2:33 and will leave you in stitches.  Friction will make you laugh, dance, and sing along all while continuously gasping for air.

With huge choruses, multi-part harmonies, and a seductively sly sense of humor, My First Earthquake is one of the most fun bands on the planet. They embrace everything that's cool about their influences, rough them up a bit, and then add their own special zing to them to come up with songs that refuse to leave you alone.   Friction as a result is a stunningly good record from a super tight, technologically clued in, slightly sarcastic band that knows how to have a good time and is pretty determined to make sure you do to.

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