Sunday, August 21, 2011

Francoiz Breut is More Than French Pop

Francoiz Breut is the latest artist on Le Pop Musik to release a brilliant record. The more I hear from this label, the more I'm impressed at the stable of artists that they have put together and the awesome lineup of records they have released over the last couple of years. It's one great record after another and A l'aveuglette is no different.

A l'aveugletteis a modern update of classic 60's chanson pop and sounds moody, smoky, and even a bit rock and roll. At times reminding me of a purely French Stereolab, Breut's songs are hypnotically loopy and lushly seductive. A l'aveugletteis a theatrical record that plays itself out in fourteen skits and has drama, comedy, romance, and heartbreak scattered throughout. While I have no idea what she's on about here, Breut's inflections and singing style help guide you into figuring what the songs may be about. Regardless of the language barrier, they're still quite good, climactic, and strikingly rich.

What truly makes A l'aveuglettea standout record is the fact that Breut takes the blueprint of 60's chanson pop and turns it on its head. She brings in electronics, roughs things up a bit, and makes her influences sound mysterious and slightly darker than they should be. The result is an entertaining record that's like listening to the shadowy underbelly of French pop.

Francoiz Breut is far from a color by numbers French pop artist and this is a good thing. Unafraid to mix the past with the present, Breut comes up with an album, in A l'aveuglette, that sounds as if its timeless and melodramatic. A l'aveugletteis a thoroughly enjoyable experience that'll have you reaching for a French/English dictionary repeatedly. A l'aveuglette: it's educational and entertaining!

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