Saturday, August 20, 2011

No Surrender For Medicine Babies

No Surrender's sophomore album, Medicine Babies, steers so far clear of being a victim of a sophomore slump it might as well be their third album. Evolving out of a series of parties and gatherings, No Surrender gathered to fuse hip hop, electro, synth pop and the end of the world into a devastating combination of beats, rhymes, and killer songs. To this date they've succeeded as No Surrender's songs are near legendary to those in the know and with the release of Medicine Babies this reputation is sure to grow.

A lot of groups nowadays have jumped on the band wagon of throwing the idea of genre out the window, and just throwing anything together to come up with something new. As one might suspect, few succeed at coming up with anything good. No Surrender, on the other hand, just about creates a masterpiece. With hooks so desperate to latch on they attack you, synths so raw they bleed, rhymes so sharp they'll stab you and songs so good Medicine Babies hits you like a ton of bricks. This, simply put, is an electronic trip through the dark side of New York complete with all the bumps, bruises and thrills one might expect.

Don't think that all of Medicine Babies is up in your face though, the record does offer some subtlety and as the album comes to a close it becomes apparent. In fact as the album winds down, the record gets progressively darker and darker; sounding more and more like a twisted take on trip hop. It's further proof that Medicine Babies can’t be pigeon holed and shows No Surrender successfully combines it all into one heck of a formula that you don't need a prescription to fill.

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