Saturday, August 20, 2011

Under This Tonight!

Under This' latest single, Tonight is a three song blast of electro tinged break beat that would have easily charted in the top ten if it were released in the late 90's. The single is loaded with beats and basslines that sound as if they've been dragged through the mud, rolled around in piles of dirt and then laid to vinyl in an effort to get your feet move in some sort of distorted wonky style. It works and works well with the regretfully short EP kind of reminiscent of the early Chemical Brothers records that made them who they are.

Tonight is pretty great stuff and while each of the three songs here, "Tonight," "Revolution," and "Black and White," sound as if they are variations on a theme, they're tweaked just enough to make them unique. "Tonight," is a corker with lush synth washes that makes the track feel organically heavenly. "Revolution," on the other hand, is a bit rougher and dirtier and sounds like a sci-fi chase scene set to music with enough twists and turns that builds into a heart racing track.
"Black and White," winds down the single with a hand clap frenzy led by a bassline that's just itching for lyrics to be layered on top of it.

Short, sweet, and filled with beats, Tonight is a fantastic breaks single that will keep your turntable busy. Pretty essential stuff then.

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