Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sebastien Tellier Turns Up the Heat on Roche

Sebastien Tellier has long issued records that ooze sex, drugs, and rock and roll. This Frenchman, knows his way around a keyboard and drum machine and he works them to the bone in an effort to make songs that sound as if they belong in a series of erotic movies featuring his favorite women. His latest single, Roche is no different and is another highlight of slow brewing sensuality from the massive album that is Sexuality.

Roche is a breathy retro influenced ballad that utilizes the bare minimum of vintage synth and beats to get it's seductive point across. While it almost seems a bit to cold to seduce that's the point; the song is toying with you setting you up and leading you along knowing that it will win you over in the long run. And it does. It's heavy, suggestive and atmospheric stuff that's made even greater with two remixes from Kavinsky and Breakbot.

While the original version of Roche almost sounds like it came from the original Miami Vice, the Kavinsky remix sounds as if it belongs in Blade Runner in a love scene between two replicants. It's a cold, detached, clinical remix that sounds similar to Vangelis if he made bawdy soundtracks. The Breakbot remix on the other hand takes the original version of the song and runs it through the French Funkometer to generate a song that sounds like a slice of synthpop heaven and as a result is easily the coolest version here.

Roche might be a bit short at three songs but it's one heck of an impassioned single and while it might be a bit late for Valentines Day, Roche is the sort of record that will certainly spice up any romance.

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