Sunday, August 21, 2011

White Wives Enjoy An Indian Summer

White Wives are a band that's kind of all over the place. Their album, Happeners, resides somewhere between punk rock, indie, and the 90's revival. Made up of a couple of guys from Anti-Flag, Dandelion Snow, and American Armada the band obviously is a side project but if you ask its members it is not designed to sound like one. And they don't, as their album Indian Summer, Indian Summer is so well put together that it's hard to believe that White Wives aren't their primary focus.

Indian Summer, Indian Summer is a great work of pop art. With songs assaulting you from every which way, your ears will have a difficult time coming to grips with the fact that White Wives is essentially made up of various parts from punk rock bands. Offering up so much more than three chords and a loud voice, Indian Summer, Indian Summer is a diverse and entertaining record that sounds as if it were pieced together with a lot of effort and intent. As a result, this side project succeeds where so many others fail.

Indian Summer, Indian Summer might be the sum of its parts but what a sum it is. Anything but an Anti-Flag side project, White Wives is a real band with really good songs put together by really good musicians that just happen to all come from somewhere else.

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