Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Pioneers of Seduction Set Us Up

Take the sound of the gutter and plug it into an amp and you have what the Pioneers of Seduction are all about. Raw, rambunctious, and reckless, the Pioneers plough through their debut album The Universe Is Setting Us Up like a bulldozer out of control. With little time for anything but riffs and fueled with a sense of urgency, the sheer untamed power of the Pioneers allow the band to blow through each of the thirteen songs on their album, The Universe Is Setting Us Up, without losing a breath.

The Universe Is Setting Us Up is an uncompromising mess of garage punk sensibility, three chord riffs, churning drums, and hoarse vocals that threaten to leap out of the stereo. This is brutally dirty punk rock that's extremely rough around the edges but manages to keep just enough melody in check to make the record listenable. It really should be a bad record, but by some minor miracle the gods of punk have saved it. Simplistic in its approach and powerful in its effect, The Universe Is Setting Us Up is an unpolished, gritty affair that may very well leave you down for the count like the cover indicates. Listening to The Universe Is Setting Us Up is truly a case of art imitating real life.

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