Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Bigger Lights Suffer From Fiction Fever

There are melodies, there's being melodic, and then there's The Bigger Lights. This group of kids look like they are barely out of middle school but create harmonies that are far beyond their years. Sure, they're pretty much the latest emo band on the block, but they do manage to find enough out there to make themselves sound just different enough to separate themselves from the pack. Their six song EP, Fiction Fever is packed with syrupy songs that are sweet enough to draw ants, melt school girls hearts, and still find room to generate enough energy to power Yulee.

Fiction Fever is addictive stuff that's difficult to fault because of how stupendously euphoric it is. In listening to the six songs that make up this EP one has to wonder if The Bigger Lights did nothing but eat bags of sugar, candy bars, and drink six packs of Red Bull while they were recording it. People can't be this upbeat all the time naturally; it's just not possible. Even their slowest song, "Romance Is A Slow Dance," is overflowing with youthful enthusiasm.

Loaded with vigor and a hydrogen fueled zippiness in their tunes, it's hard to see The Bigger Lights slowing down any time soon. Fiction Fever's soaring and vivacious songs are  impressive and will puzzle scientists and radio programmers for years as they try to figure out how The Bigger Lights put them together. Until that day, this group of kids from Virginia will continue to crank out small nuclear reactions created with harmonies and pure sugar. If you're a fan of the genre I would highly recommend The Bigger Lights as a welcome addition to your collection. If you're like me and have just listened to the Shearwater record then I recommend Fiction Fever to bring you back to life.

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