Saturday, August 20, 2011

Foreshadow's Nations of Failure

I'm not exactly sure where Seffner, Florida is (and I'm a native) but one thing is for sure, it's one rung above hell judging by the band Foreshadow's latest album, Nations of Failure.  Foreshadow continues the legacy of Florida metal bands on a mission to set the world on fire and grind to bits anything and everything that stands in their way.  Their combination of death metal, black metal, grind, and a bit of thrash sounds like every blender in the state being turned to puree at the same time...and I mean that as a compliment.

Nations of Failure is a mind warping trip through realms of pain, blast beats, guitar gymnastics and enough bottles of Robitussin to fuel an army.  This is an absolutely amazing album of brutality that's designed to crush skulls.  In other words, it's really good.  I don't get to hear many records like this anymore, so it's nice to know that bands like this still exist sixteen years after I wrote about them and promoted them down in Miami.  Sounding a bit like old Miami band, Solstice with a bit of Suffocation thrown in for measure this is one amazing record that will leave your eardrums begging for mercy.

Foreshadow are a musically amazing band that are tighter then a pair of skinny leg jeans on a hipster.  Riffs fly in and out from every angle as the guttural vocals shred glass and your hearing like they were paper.  It's a lethal combination that jumps metal genres so quick your brain will be left spinning as your limbs are slowly broken song by song.   When Foreshadow blast out, "It's a matter of survival," on "Freedom from Fascism," they're exactly right.  It's not only a matter of surviving fascism but the sheer destructiveness of Nations of Failure as well.

Nations of Failure is an incredibly violent, incendiary record that will destroy all who oppose it.  It's rebellious, angry, focused and bent on destruction.  For those reasons alone, people will fear this record and they should because those with a weak heart may not survive it.  Foreshadow might be part of the Florida death metal underground, but after listening to Nations of Failure they might not be there much longer.  The rest of the world awaits them.

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