Sunday, August 21, 2011

Burn Halo Rise Up From The Ashes

Burn Halo answers the question of what would happen if Alice in Chains were heavier and embraced their inner screamo kid. Their latest album Up From The Ashes is a tour de force of crunchy riffs, mind numbing metal, melodic vocal wipeouts, and absolutely pounding songs that are like pile drivers in your ears. These guys have grown quite a bit since we reviewed their debut album years ago and it’s all for the best. Honed to a sharp point and with songs that are rocket propelled Burn Halo is a force to be reckoned with.

Up From The Ashes is a behemoth of a record with eleven songs that plough through the aural wasteland like a runaway M1 Abrams tank. Taking melodic heaviness to the next level, Burn Halo swerve around clich├ęs like the Stig and forge their own path to oblivion. Their formula is simple, Take post-grunge sounds pump them with steroids, mix some melodic metal influences, and then crank it all up to eleven on the riffometer from hell. Upon completion, Burn Halo create a wave of destruction that's impossible to stop.

Sure there are tons of bands that make this massive metallic stuff...but ask yourself how many are actually good? My friends, Burn Halo are the real deal, they've built themselves up, refined their sound and made themselves into the monster they are and Up From The Ashes are proof of just how good they’ve become.

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