Sunday, August 21, 2011

John Carozza's Defining Moment

John Carozza is a pianist who's fits into the cool or smooth jazz cannon of musicians. In other words he writes laid back jazz that's easy going on the ears and very structured so that there's little improvisation or aural confusion going on. He's a song based jazz musician whose relaxed songs are the perfect thing to wind down to after a stressful day in our brilliant economy.

His latest album, Defining Moment is a beautiful, lush piano driven work that's soothing, carefree, and so well played that you can't help but admire Carozza's talent. Admiring his talent is something you should do anyway, as he's played on and worked on so many respected artists over his career as a gospel music producer and player that the music just comes flowing out of him be it jazz or gospel. It should really come as no surprise then, that Carozza has got the knack for writing music that's emotional at all the right times and utilizes those emotions to his advantage. He does this repeatedly throughout Defining Moment and the album as a result is a thought provoking musical journey that will stir your soul.

Although it's only five songs long,Defining Moment is a passionately played album of unobtrusive songs that are pleasurable and at casual ease. John Carozza is very good at creating atmospheric and lush textures with his piano that tug at your soul while taking you away on an emotional journey. Defining Moment is beautiful stuff that will be appealing to anyone who needs time away from the world of today and all that goes with it.

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