Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet Pontiak's Maker

Pontiak is a band that's hooked on power; tons and tons of power. Their latest album Maker is an album that has enough groove-laden energy to fuel a small city for an eternity. If ever the spirit of Black Sabbath, Kyuss, and doom-laden metla lived, it courses through the blood and brains of this band.

Maker is an epic, dirty and intense record that makes enough noise to keep your ear drums seperate from your skull. Recorded in a 12 x 12 room this is the sound of Pontiak trying to escape it's self-created holding cell. Imagine the sound of a convoy of semi-trucks roaring by you and you can begin to imagine the muscle and intensity of Maker.

From the slowly groove laden destruction of the thirteen minute title track to the short bursts of, "Blood Pride," and "Heat Pressure," listening to Maker is like listening to the greatest 70's era Sabbath record never recorded. This is absolute stoner rock and roll that's heavier than your tax burden. It's a record that churns riffs out like slowly made butter and crushes everything and anything in it's path.

This is an epic album that relies on earthy, heavy, and agonizing textures to get it's point across. Pontiak have done an amazing job of making a record so heavy you might just need a forklift to listen to it. Doom and gloom has never sounded so amazing!

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