Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gladshot Burn Up and Shine

New York City's Gladshot are lead by Debbie Andrews and Mike Blaxill who originally got together with the idea that literate and finely wrought pop songs can come from two distinct minds. With the aid of a pack of session and back up musicians, Gladshot have been trying to prove this theory for three albums and their latest, Burn Up and Shine sees them continuing on their quest.

Sounding something like an adult alternative band that's good friends with Teenage Fanclub, the band play lazy power pop that at times is as catchy as the bubonic plague and as sugary sweet as a box of Snickers bars. Fusing blues, jazz, rock and roll, and a little bit of twang, Gladshot come up with songs that skip across genres like a needle on a broken record player. The result is a light laid back album that's thoughtful and easy on the ears.

Whether it's a tender ballad featuring Debbie Andrews or a spiky pop tune with Mike on vocals, Burn Up and Shine makes transitions smoother than the Obama administration. Check out "Hallways and Doors/Crumbling Wall," for a perfect illustration of just how versatile Gladshot are not only as musicians but lyricists as well. It's Gladshot's versatility and ability to write such effortless pop that makes Burn Up and Shine fun to listen to.

Whether or not they've achieved their goal to write literate pop songs on Burn Up and Shine really isn't up for debate because by about the fourth song you realized that they've clearly achieved that. Gladshot are quietly setting the world on fire one lackadaisical record at a time and Burn Up and Shine is a good record that sounds like AAA the way it should be played

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