Saturday, August 20, 2011

Framing Hanley Savor The Moment

Tennessee's Framing Hanley have evolved from their humble beginnings in 2005. Named after a close friend who died in a car accident, the band began to take off around 2006 and with the help of former Creed bassist Brett Hestla solidified their place by being picked up by the Silent Majority Group in 2007 and then recording their debut album at the end of 2008.

Entitled, The Moment, the album is packed to the gills with massive radio friendly tunes that should be the soundtrack to every tweens life right now. The Moment is a combination of crunchy metal riffs, soaring ballads, over emotional vocals, and songs that are so precise and sharp they could slice steel. It's a bit Creedish at times, but that shouldn't come as a surprise knowing the bands history. If you take that Creedish base, throw in a few sprinkles of emo and hardcore ala Pete Wentz you basically have the ingredients that make Framing Hanley who they are.

The Moment is one of those records where you can imagine thousands of people holding up lighters and phones while going nuts to every song. It's a record that shows Framing Hanley clearly have the knack for writing the big heavy rock song with choruses that even your grandmother knows. It's a massive hard rock album that's totally geared for cross market perfection and it achieves it with songwriting that has been run through the super computer or gargantuan hit writing (Microsoft edition). One listen to "Alone In This Bed (Capeside)," and you'll get the point; it's a song that soars on it's chorus to superstardom and it never comes back.

Framing Hanley are a young band that have snowballed into one massive potential hit factory. Their album, The Moment is an emotional hard rock rollercoaster that while sounding a bit like everything else is destined for big things. If you love album oriented rock then Framing Hanley will be your new favorite band and The Moment will be your new soundtrack.

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