Sunday, March 18, 2012

Louise Burns And Her Mellow Drama

Canadian singer songwriter Louise Burns harks back to a time with singer songwriters had a spring in their step and female indie rocker's were everywhere. Whether intentional or not, if you can imagine someone like Juliana Hatfield or Kristen Hersh in like 1995 you have idea of where Louise Burns is coming from. Her latest album, Mellow Drama, is a jangly, poppy affair that has more sassyness and spunk than most of her contemporaries combined.

Mellow Drama is a bit personal and introspective but far from being down, negative, slow, or depressing. Oh no, Mellow Drama isn't even really mellow, rather, it's an upbeat sounding record that was pretty much put together by Louise herself. While Louise might label herself as a singer songwriter, nothing about Mellow Drama would indicate this. The songs here are rich, feature loads of sounds, and stays about as far away from being folk music as the distance from Vancouver to Florida. As a result, this is far from a boring album and the fact that she embraces her inner 90's girl so well is awesome.

Complete with piano, strings, brushed drums, spooky songs, jangly pop, introspective lyrics, jumpy guitars, and tons of originality Louise Burns has created a singer songwriter album that it's more than OK to like. Mellow Drama is a rich tapestry of sound and creativity and the fact that Louise played this all by herself is a testament to the fact that she's more than just a girl with a guitar. If there's one singer songwriter album you buy this year, I'd invest some money in Louise Burns' Mellow Drama.

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