Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Frankie Rose Is Interstellar

Frankie Rose's sophomore album Interstellar couldn't be more appropriately titled if it tried. Blasting off from space in a wave of post-gazing dream pop from heaven, Frankie takes her songs and drapes them in sheets of noise, distortion, harmony, and strange effects to achieve this atmospheric delight. This is an epic and expansive record whose songs drift and float by in pillowy clouds of guitar work, adorable vocals, and melodies that are spun with such sugary sweetness you can almost taste them.

Interstellar is stellar for sure. Frankie’s adorably detached vocals, the spaced out guitars, the ambient synth sounding washes, and the nearly not there feeling of this record makes it sound absolutely gorgeous. Ms. Rose has taken her love of noise and effects and manipulated them into something that will envelope your ears and surround them with lovely sounds from the outer reaches of the Spiral Arm. This is a truly beautiful effort that's spacious, spacial, and special. Frankie Rose has unleashed a widescreen atmospheric pop epic here that spreads its sounds wide and far and it's all encompassing in its reach.

Frankie Rose has swerved clear of any sophomore slump here. In fact she's bested her debut. Interstellar takes everything she's learned in the past, processes it through the International Space Station and then loads it on the Voyager as it reaches toward the outer reaches of our galaxy. Interstellar is a stunning record that drifts in a never ending sea of beautiful sounds and songs.

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