Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oliver Tank's Dreams Get Remixed

Oliver Tank's Dreams Remixed is an aptly titled name for his remix album. Not only is it quite literally eight remixes of Oliver Tank's Dreams EP it also sounds like a series of long wandering dreams set to music. Featuring a whole host of remixes from Silver White, Sleepyhands, to Baske and MONAS the Dreams Remixed album is an aural journey into deep thought, REM sleep, and potential nightmares. Taking ambient music and crashing it into chill wave Oliver Tank's cohorts have created a soundtrack for eight hours of deep sleep.

Dreams Remixed is gorgeous stuff and with more layers of synth than humanly possible. The songs as a result, are texturally rich, lush, and so opulent they almost glow in the dark. Oliver Tank and his remix partners have created one heck of a record here that moves ever so slowly with subtle grooves and beats that gently convey the rhythms of the original versions. It's all very subdued and subtle stuff and in the end rather unobtrusive. This is the sort of record where if you're not careful it will float on by and you won't even realize it.

Composed of eight remixes just about everyone of the artists who worked on Dreams Remixed brought something unique and worthwhile to the table. That being said the reworks are all complex, sumptuous and palatial in their efforts. Dreams Remixed is a fantastic record that sounds ridiculous on a good set of headphones and allows you to drift off into the ethereal world that Oliver Tank and the remixers have created. Dreams Remixed is the sound of your best dream ever put to music and if you've ever wanted to relive it, now, thanks to Oliver Tank you can. I know I'm headed back to sleep with this in my ears, mind, and subconscious.

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