Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alex Winston and King Con

I'm just going to come right out and say it; I absolutely adore Alex Winston.  She's so beguilingly cute and quirky and when you hear her voice you just kind of have to sit there and catch your breath.  She's truly a unique talent and sounds something like Bjork or Kate Bush would if she were from the Appalachian Mountains.  Her album King Con is an unpredictable and highly entertaining record from one of the most intriguing singer / songwriters on the planet today.

Winston has this strange wispy, mousey, high pitched voice that almost sounds like it could shatter glass but never quite gets there.  She manipulates that voice through a series of dramatic and almost theatrical songs that showcase her singularly brilliant vocal chords and her ability to write fantastic songs.  She may be a singer / songwriter but her music is so vast, so whimsical, and has so much thought sunk into it that it's anything but folky, acousticky, or lame.  King Con is a stunning record that's mesmerizing and so quirky that its grip on your ears is almost impossible to shake.

With uncommon arrangements, huge productions, and songs that sound like they bigger than life Alex Winston creates a strange world in which her voice can run around free.  And run it does; it runs around all over the place on King Con.  It’s with her warbles, screeches, high notes, and tender moments that her voice enchants and grabs your attention consistently.  While King Con features a whole host of instrumentation and arrangements it's really Alex's singing that draws you in and it's her singing that makes it hard to pull away from and if great songs and a talent voice doesn't make for a great debut I'm not sure what does.

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