Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Got A Cultfever

Cultfever are not a group of radical religious fanatics with strange beliefs. They’re nothing that complicated. In all actuality, Cultfever are a dynamic duo of Manhattan-ites who should probably have a cult following them. With two distinct voices and an incredible sound J. Peter Durniak and Tamara Jafar have created a post-electroclash pop record for the ages. Channeling a host of influences and ideals into each song, the band creates a dizzying array of smart, level headed atmospheric electronic music that's as fantastic on the dance floor as it is in your headphones.

Cultfever is a beat ridden ethereal trip through the stratosphere that's as gorgeous as it's danceable and as catchy as it is intelligent. This is a record that truly attempts to have it all and for the most part it succeeds. Cultfever are so crafty about their songwriting that they weave everything together so tightly and so brilliantly that nothing escapes them. Chillwave, shoegazing, dream pop, trip hop it's all here in bits and pieces and when it's smashed together on Cultfever the results are fantastic. Songs clap, shuffle, swirl around and cast this inescapable hypnotizing spell over your ears. It's all very infectious and easy to latch on to and once it has its hooks in you it doesn’t want to let go.

Durniak & Jafar have created a gauzy, hazy, electronic pop album in Cultfever. The nine songs here are so far from imperfect that the records nearly blindingly brilliant. For just two people, Cultfever, have created a record that's much greater than the sum of their parts and so irresistible I challenge anyone to listen to Cultfever just once. I'd hazard a guess it's probably one of the better records you'll hear all year so it’s easy to say that this is highly recommended.

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