Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bondi Blaster Goes

Bondi Blaster is a group that originated thanks to Argentine slang. You see, Bondi in Argentinian slang means bus and if you can picture a bus as a gigantic boom box, you kind of have the idea where Argentine born, Bay Area bred DJ Juan Data is coming from with his latest project. Apparently, the Bondi is often responsible for the propagation of cumbia music and other kitsch expressions of low-brow pop culture throughout South America by literally blasting music everywhere so it only made sense for DJ Juan, who has never driven a motorized vehicle, to name his project after this unique way of finding new music.

Bondi Blaster's EP Lo' Juimo! is made up of five original songs and a handful of remixes, alternative versions and instrumentals and they're all fantastic. Utilizing electronics, samples, wobbly basslines, traditional cumbia sounds, hip hop and just about everything in between the record is a diverse effort that never stops moving. It only makes sense then that the record is called Lo' Juimo! which translates into, "Let’s Go!" And go this record does. In fact, this record never stops, with loads of grooves, samples, a sense of humor, and the ability to make even the most rhythmically challenged individuals try to dance.

Lo' Juimo! is a fun record that should be played at maximum volume in a Bondi Blaster. The tropical vibes, cumbia influences, and never ending energy makes this a perfect record to welcome warmer weather to, dance to, or just sit back and enjoy a tall drink to. So, Let's Go and enjoy Bondi Blaster...because we deserve it.

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